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Unearth Excellence in Hydro Excavation 

Safer. Faster. Non-Destructive. 


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Experience and Expertise

At Champion Hydrovac, we redefine precision excavation with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to excellence. Based in the heart of Texas, we bring unparalleled expertise to every project, ensuring efficient and safe excavation solutions for your needs.


Our Services


Hydrovac Excavation

Hydro excavation is the non-destructive process of removing or moving soil with the power of pressurized water and vacuum.


Hydrovac daylighting enhances safety, productivity, and reduces costs by replacing risky manual and mechanical methods for uncovering buried infrastructure.

Debris Removal

Hydro vacuum trucks excel in swiftly clearing debris, rubble, wreckage, and more, making it adept at handling diverse cleanup challenges.



Trenching allows you to cut and dig through the most sensitive areas and allows you to easily navigate any obstacles in your path.


Our non-destructive pipeline excavation is critical to the safety, repair, and maintenance of oil and gas facilities for pipeline crossings or pipeline tie-ins

Tank Cleanouts

Our trucks utilize an industrial-strength vacuum and controlled high-pressure water system to efficiently clean storage units and tanks.


Service Pits

Our hydrovac system excavates precise service pits, minimizing disruption to nearby facilities, infrastructure, and enabling quick access for utility repairs.

Potholing & Utility Pole Holes

Hydrovac trucks excel at digging installation holes of varying diameter and depth for poles, such as power, telecom, traffic signals, light standards, signs, and more.

Line Locating

Hydro excavation method of locating underground utilities like gas lines, water lines, and fiberoptic cables, ensuring precision and safety.

Why Choose Champion Hydrovac?

Safe and Efficient Excavation

Licensed and Insured

Experienced Team

Industries We Service


Elevate your construction projects with our advanced hydrovac techniques. From trenching to foundation excavation, our team assists construction professionals in optimizing project timelines and minimizing risks associated with traditional excavation methods.

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