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Hydrovac Excavating Services

At Champion Hydrovac, safety is our top priority for both employees and customers. We prioritize well-being and precision in non-destructive hydro excavation, using pressurized water and vacuum to ensure a safe and precise soil removal process without compromising safety.

Hydro Excavation is a non-destructive method involving pressurized water and vacuum to safely remove soil. High-pressure water breaks down soil, and an air vacuum transfers it to a debris tank, providing precise excavation for locating underground utilities.

Our Services


Hydrovac Excavation

Hydro excavation is the non-destructive process of removing or moving soil with the power of pressurized water and vacuum.


  • Construction Site Preparation

  • Pipeline Trenching

  • Utility Locating


Hydrovac daylighting enhances safety, productivity, and reduces costs by replacing risky manual and mechanical methods for uncovering buried infrastructure.


  • Visual confirmation of buried lines

  • Directional Drilling Test Holes

  • Pipeline and Utility Crossings



Trenching allows you to cut and dig through the most sensitive areas and allows you to easily navigate any obstacles in your path.



  • Perimeter exploratory slot trenching

  • Cable or Conduit Installation

  • Drainage Solutions


Our non-destructive pipeline excavation is critical to the safety, repair, and maintenance of oil and gas facilities for pipeline crossings or pipeline tie-ins


  • Pipeline Crossings

  • Pipeline Tie-ins

  • Hydro Probing


Service Pits

Our hydrovac system excavates precise service pits, minimizing disruption to nearby facilities, infrastructure, and enabling quick access for utility repairs.


  • Gas Service Tie-in Pits

  • Electric Cable Fault Repair Pits

  • Water Main & Service Repair Pits


Potholing is the process of digging a test hole to ensure the vertical and horizontal location of a specific utility.


  • Visual Utility Verification

  • Pipeline Inspections

  • Subsurface Mapping


Debris Removal

Hydro vacuum trucks excel in swiftly clearing debris, rubble, wreckage, and more, making it adept at handling diverse cleanup challenges.


  • Road and Box Culvert Clean-Outs

  • Environmental Cleanup

  • Material Removal from Inside Structures and Buildings

Tank Cleaning

Our trucks utilize an industrial-strength vacuum and controlled high-pressure water system to efficiently clean storage units and tanks.


  • Maintenance and Cleaning of Storage Tanks

  • Septic Tanks Maintenace

  • Tanker Truck Cleaning


Line Locating

Hydro excavation method of locating underground utilities like gas lines, water lines, and fiberoptic cables, ensuring precision and safety.


  • Non-Destructive Assessments of Conditions

  • Repairs and Maintenace

  • Splice Pits

Utility Pole Holes

Out trucks excel at digging installation holes of varying diameter and depth for poles, such as power, telecom, traffic signals, light standards, signs, and more.


  • Traffic signal pole holes

  • Light standard holes

  • Pole Removals

Industries We Serve

Champion Hydrovac is proud to serve a diverse range of industries across Texas, providing top-tier hydrovac excavation solutions tailored to the unique demands of each sector. Our cutting-edge technology and skilled team ensure precision and efficiency, making us the go-to choice for excavation needs in the following industries:

Gas Plant

Oil and Gas

Navigate the complexities of oil and gas projects with confidence. Champion Hydrovac offers precise hydrovac excavation services for pipeline exposure, facility construction, and maintenance, ensuring the integrity of critical infrastructure without compromising safety.

Construction Site


Elevate your construction projects with our advanced hydrovac techniques. From trenching to foundation excavation, our team assists construction professionals in optimizing project timelines and minimizing risks associated with traditional excavation methods.

Climbing on Power Pole


Ensure the reliability of your utility installations and repairs with Champion Hydrovac. Our utility potholing services provide a clear and safe path for utility workers, minimizing the potential for damages and disruptions during maintenance or new installations.



Supporting the infrastructure needs of municipalities is at the core of our expertise. Whether it's uncovering utility lines or assisting in public works projects, Champion Hydrovac delivers efficient and environmentally responsible excavation services for the benefit of local communities.



Keep transportation projects on track with Champion Hydrovac. We provide precise excavation services for highway construction, bridge maintenance, and tunnel projects, ensuring a clear path for transportation development while prioritizing safety.

Holding Plant


Champion Hydrovac is committed to environmentally responsible excavation practices. Our methods minimize soil disturbance, making us the ideal choice for environmental projects, such as wetland restoration, environmental remediation, and ecological research.



In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, precision is key. Our hydrovac services support the installation and maintenance of underground telecommunication infrastructure, offering a safe and efficient solution for exposing critical lines and conduits.



Navigate industrial projects with confidence, knowing that Champion Hydrovac is on your side. Our hydrovac excavation services support industrial facilities in optimizing space, conducting routine maintenance, and ensuring the safety of underground infrastructure.



In the agriculture sector, where precision is paramount, Champion Hydrovac provides efficient and non-destructive excavation services. From irrigation system installations to soil sampling, our team supports the unique needs of the agricultural community.

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